* kas (19 minutes ago)
Activity Streams ⌘ http://activitystrea.ms/

* kas (48 minutes ago)
JSON Feed ⌘ https://jsonfeed.org/ (Please do the same to XMPP!)

* phil (5 hours ago)
I've got my telegram bot working fairly reliably. Now I'm working on a script to post a *pretty* html page of my tweets.

* pete (8 hours ago)

* dave (9 hours ago)
About 25% of women and 19% of men report being 'filled with rage' by the sound of others eating.

* bullseye (9 hours ago)
tdemin 65 ... tx 118

* mdom (13 hours ago)
Hi, @tdenim! Happy twting!

* kas (14 hours ago)
Find me on #Scuttlebutt: @dbqlwh9gtr3i5ymogtioktgnvepeu+nyb6KGl1vtOcM=.ed25519 (AKA kas)

* kas (15 hours ago)
@tdemin For a truly decentralised (as in mesh or p2p) social network, try #Scuttlebutt ⌘ https://www.scuttlebutt.nz/ (Patchwork, a client written in NodeJS, is a filthy resource hog, but a client written in golang is on its way).

* kas (15 hours ago)
@tdemin Yeah, it's difficult to see how Mastodon excels over, say, GNUSocial or Diaspora*. Should I choose one of those three, it would be Diaspora* (even if it doesn't have a well-defined API).

* tdemin (15 hours ago)
@kas thanks! ;)

* tdemin (15 hours ago)
XMPP is a federated network, and its servers allow you to remove your account. Mastodon guys try to cover themselves under the 'federation' stuff: https://github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/issues/109

* tdemin (15 hours ago)
Those Mastodon guys say they care about users privacy. However, there isn't a clear option to remove my account. Oh, right, that's hype.

* kas (15 hours ago)
Welcome aboard, @tdemin! :)

* tdemin (18 hours ago)
OK, I've just registered at Keybase. Still not sure whether I really want to use it.

* tdemin (18 hours ago)
OK, this microblog is now hosted by GitHub Pages. Gonna change the hosting one day.

* tdemin (18 hours ago)
Hello World!

* trqx (23 hours ago)

* allgebrah (1 days ago)
With the hourglass turned around its ana/kata axis, it briefly runs in reverse, but then shatters. The sand falls upwards, into the clouds

* bullseye (1 days ago)
kas 54 ... kas 54